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Inglés para primero de primaria

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Here is a list of all of the skills students learn in first grade! The skills are organized into categories, and you can move your mouse over any skill name to see a sample question. To start practicing, just click on any link. IXL will track your score, and the questions will even increase in difficulty as you improve!
Counting and number patterns

A.1 Counting review - 0 to 10
A.2 Counting review - up to 20
A.3 Counting tens and ones - up to 30
A.4 Counting - up to 30
A.5 Counting - up to 100
A.6 Counting tens and ones - up to 99
A.7 Skip-counting - with pictures
A.8 Counting by twos, fives, and tens - up to 100
A.9 Counting forward and backward
A.10 Number lines
A.11 Hundred chart
A.12 Identifying even and odd numbers
A.13 Which even or odd number comes before or after?
A.14 Skip-counting patterns - with tables
A.15 Sequences - count up and down by 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10
A.16 Ordinal numbers
A.17 Writing numbers in words
A.18 Roman numerals I, V, X


B.1 Addition with pictures - sums to 10
B.2 Addition sentences - sums to 10
B.3 Addition word problems - sums to 10
B.4 Word problems - write the addition sentence
B.5 Ways to make a number using addition
B.6 Ways to make a number - addition sentences
B.7 Adding zero
B.8 Adding doubles
B.9 Addition facts - sums to 10
B.10 Addition facts - sums to 18
B.11 Addition word problems - sums to 18
B.12 Complete the addition sentence
B.13 Adding three numbers
B.14 Word problems - adding three numbers
B.15 Related addition facts
B.16 Addition facts - sums to 20
B.17 Add tens I
B.18 Add tens II
B.19 Add a one-digit number to a two-digit number - without regrouping
B.20 Add a one-digit number to a two-digit number - with regrouping

Addition - skill builders

C.1 Adding 0
C.2 Adding 1
C.3 Adding 2
C.4 Adding 3
C.5 Adding 4
C.6 Adding 5
C.7 Adding 6
C.8 Adding 7
C.9 Adding 8
C.10 Adding 9


D.1 Subtraction with pictures - numbers up to 10
D.2 Subtraction sentences - numbers up to 10
D.3 Subtraction word problems - one-digit numbers
D.4 Word problems - write the subtraction sentence
D.5 Ways to make a number using subtraction
D.6 Ways to make a number - subtraction sentences
D.7 Ways to subtract from a number - subtraction sentences
D.8 Subtracting zero and all
D.9 Subtracting doubles
D.10 Subtraction facts - numbers up to 10
D.11 Subtraction facts - numbers up to 18
D.12 Subtraction word problems - numbers up to 18
D.13 Complete the subtraction sentence
D.14 Related subtraction facts
D.15 Subtract tens I
D.16 Subtract tens II
D.17 Subtract one-digit numbers from two-digit numbers

Subtraction - skill builders

E.1 Subtracting 0
E.2 Subtracting 1
E.3 Subtracting 2
E.4 Subtracting 3
E.5 Subtracting 4
E.6 Subtracting 5
E.7 Subtracting 6
E.8 Subtracting 7
E.9 Subtracting 8
E.10 Subtracting 9

Mixed operations

F.1 Addition and subtraction - ways to make a number
F.2 Which sign makes the number sentence true?
F.3 Fact families
F.4 Addition and subtraction facts - numbers up to 10
F.5 Addition and subtraction facts - numbers up to 18
F.6 Addition and subtraction word problems
F.7 Ten more or less
F.8 Add and subtract tens
F.9 Addition and subtraction terms

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