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Learn English - English Vegetable Vocabulary

Learn English - English Body Parts Vocabulary

Prepositions of Movement - question and answer videos to learn English

Prepositions of Place - English vocabulary videos

Prepositions of Place. English Flashcards for children.

How to Make Flashcards for Numbers | Max and Mum Kids Activities

How to Make Flashcards for Numbers | Max and Mum Kids Activities

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High Frequency Words 1

First 24 High Frequency Words

Kindergarten Sight Words

Sight Words - Free Activities, Early Learning, Dolch Word List, Literacy, Kindergarten - Educational Games

Sight Words - Free Activities, Early Learning, Dolch Word List, Literacy, Kindergarten - Educational Games

English Vocabulary - Actions - Verbs

Learn English - English Kitchen Vocabulary

Learn English - English Fruit Vocabulary

Learn English - English Vegetable Vocabulary

Learn English - English Body Parts Vocabulary

English picture dictionary

Different Rooms in our House - Kids Animation Learn Series

Describing people and their physical appearance

Meg and Mog episode 2

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English for Kids: "I Can" and "I Can't"

English for Beginners: Possessive Adjectives

English for Kids: Colors

English for Kids: Animals

English for Kids: "I Like"

English for Beginners: Talking about the Weather

English for Kids: What Are You Doing

English for Beginners: Singular and Plural

English for Kids: What Are You Doing

English for Kids: Family

English for Kids: Parts of the Body

English for Kids: Alphabet

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Learn English - English Marine Animals Vocabulary

Learn English - English Computer Vocabulary

Learn English - English Winter Vocabulary

Learn English - English Summer Vocabulary

Learn English - English Kitchen Vocabulary

Learn English - English Body Parts Vocabulary

Learn English - English Fruit Vocabulary

Learn English - English Vegetable Vocabulary

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Good vs. Well

Good vs. Well
Paulo P Sanchez | August 2, 2011 at 2:58 pm | URL: http://wp.me/pMRGn-VA

Good is an adjective. We use good when we want to give more information about a noun.

For example:

My dog Sam is very good. He's a good dog.

She didn't speak very good English. Her English isn't very good.

Well is usually used as an adverb. We use well when we want to give more information about a verb.

For example:

He usually behaves very well.

She didn't speak English very well.

Note! The exception to this can be when you talk about someone's health:

For example:-

She wasn't a well woman.

and when you describe sensations:

For example:-

This pizza tastes/smells/ looks good.

If you say "You look good." It means they look attractive.

If you say "You look well." It means they look healthy.

Note! Younger people might reply to the question "How are you?" with "I'm good." This is what I call MTV English.

You may hear the saying "That's all well and good." It means something is basically ok, but with some shortcomings.

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Travel, trip voyage or journey?

Paulo P Sanchez | July 28, 2011 at 3:28 pm | URL: http://wp.me/pMRGn-Rm

Travel (v) is used in general terms as a verb - it usually means to change location. The word travel is very rarely used as a noun.

For example: I have to travel a lot for work.

Trip (n) is often substituted for the word 'holiday' when the travelling distance was short.

For example: How was your trip?

It is often used in connection with business.

For example: I have to travel a lot for work. I am off on another business trip next week.

Trip (v) has a totally different meaning. It means to nearly fall over.

For example: I tripped over the carpet and sprained my ankle.

Voyage (n) is usually a long journey by boat. The word voyage is very rarely used as a verb.

For example: The voyage to South Africa took over six weeks.

Journey (n) is used more in British English than American English. It means the 'piece' of travel between 2 or more points. The word journey is very rarely used as a verb.

For example: The journey from Darmstadt to Nottingham takes 12 hours.

Say ot tell?

Say or tell?
Paulo P Sanchez | July 28, 2011 at 3:29 pm | URL: http://wp.me/pMRGn-PT

Word Explanation Example
say to say something (say is followed immediately by a noun clause). If you want to put a personal object after say, use the word to. Andrew said that he was right.He said to his father that he was right.
tell to tell someone something (tell is followed by an object noun or pronoun) Can you tell methe way to the station, please?

In formal situations, the verb must be formed in the past tense.
Andrew told me that he was right.

Informal it is ok to say:
Andrew told me that he is right.
Some might say that he was right. > some people believe
It is said to bring good luck. > in the sense of "always"
No one goes home without my say-so. > used as a statement
Let me have my say. > say is used as a noun


Said v. is the past simple and past participle of to say.
It can be used in direct speech:
For example: "I am sorry", said the criminal.
It can be used in indirect (reported) speech (followed by that).
For example: "The criminal said that he was sorry.

Said adj. is used before the name of a person or thing you have already mentioned:
For example: "The said party denied the charges"

Told v. is the past simple and past participle of to tell.
It is normally used in reported speech, i.e. it is used to talk about what people say (followed by an object + that:):
For example: I told him that I would be late.

When told has the meaning of "instruct", it can be followed by an object and an infinitive.
For example: He told me to leave.

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Second Grade Sight Words

Sight Words - GRADE 2

3rd grade High Frequency Words

1st grade high frequency words 4 min 0001

Two-Syllable Words Accented on the First Syllable (ESL Pronunciation) 英単...

Words with the OW /aʊ/ Diphthong - Part 2 (plow, bow, brow, ...) America...

114 Words with the /st/ Consonant Cluster (ESL Pronunciation Practice)

60 Minimal Pairs (English Pronunciation Practice)

56 Often-used Engish Adjectives (ESL Pronunciation) 英単語 - 発音練習

100 most common words in English

English pronunciation: How to pronounce "y" in "university"

How to pronounce "Ear and Year"

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Lesson 3b - Rhythm through Rhymes - English Pronunciation

Lesson 2 - TH Voiced - English Pronunciation (reformatted)

Lesson 1 - Unvoiced TH - English Pronunciation (reformatted)

Lesson 6b - WORD STRESS - English Pronunciation

How to pronounce "Wood" (or would)

Word vs. World: American English Pronunciation

N vs. NG: American English Pronunciation

AA + N, M, or NG: American English pronunciation

English Pronunciation Short A Sound Next to N and M

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Vocabulario: Animales

bird / ave
bull / toro
cat / gato
cougar, mountain lion / puma
cow / vaca
crocodile / cocodrilo
dog / perro
dolphin / delfín
duck / pato
elephant / elefante
donkey/ burro
female / hembra
fish / pez
frog / rana
giraffe / jirafa
goat / chivo
hippo / hipopótamo
horse/ caballo (male), yegua (female)
jungle / selva
male / macho
mammal / mamífero
monkey / mono
mouse / ratón
ostrich / avestruz
peacock / pavo real
pigeon / paloma
rabbit/ conejo
rat / rata
rhino / rinoceronte
sea lion / foca
snake / serpiente
species / especie
whale / ballena
zebra / cebra
zoo / zoológico

Vocabulario: Anatomía. Partes del cuerpo

acne / acné
ankle / tobillo
arm / brazo
baby finger / meñique
back / espalda
back of the head / nuca
belly button / ombligo
bladder / vejiga
blood / sangre
body / cuerpo
body hair / vello
buttock / nalga
canine / canino
cheek / cachete, mejilla
cornea / cornea
dandruff / caspa
ears / orejas
eye / ojo
eyebrow / ceja
eyelash/ pestaña
face/ cara, rostro
feet / pies
finger / dedo
fingernail / uña
foot / pie
forehead / frente
freckles / pecas
hair / pelo
hand / mano
head / cabeza
heart / corazón
hip / cadera

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/i/ Pronunciation English Meeting ESL Lesson-

Symphony of Whales : Promethean Planet

Symphony of Whales : Promethean Planet

ESL Reading Exercises, Printable worksheets & Text Mazes

ESL Reading Exercises, Printable worksheets & Text Mazes

English Vocabulary - Tools

English Vocabulary - Actions - Verbs

English Vocabulary - Airports

ENGLISH ' Out and About ' everyday words

Children's English Tutorial - Vehicles and Transportation

TPR Tutorial Two

Learn English - Children's English tutorial (shapes and colors)

Learn English - First, Second, and Third Person

Learn English - Irregular Verbs

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Real English® - What's your name? Can you spell it? Where are you from? ...

Title: Study English and Learn ESL Grammar Online : Irregular Past Forms

Learn English 04 - Directions

Learn English 03 - Families

Learn English 02 - Time time time

"A" is for Ant

Zorro Generation Z - Return to the Future part 1/7

Inglés para primero de primaria

Abre el enlace para practicar las habilidades enumeradas.


Here is a list of all of the skills students learn in first grade! The skills are organized into categories, and you can move your mouse over any skill name to see a sample question. To start practicing, just click on any link. IXL will track your score, and the questions will even increase in difficulty as you improve!
Counting and number patterns

A.1 Counting review - 0 to 10
A.2 Counting review - up to 20
A.3 Counting tens and ones - up to 30
A.4 Counting - up to 30
A.5 Counting - up to 100
A.6 Counting tens and ones - up to 99
A.7 Skip-counting - with pictures
A.8 Counting by twos, fives, and tens - up to 100
A.9 Counting forward and backward
A.10 Number lines
A.11 Hundred chart
A.12 Identifying even and odd numbers
A.13 Which even or odd number comes before or after?
A.14 Skip-counting patterns - with tables
A.15 Sequences - count up and down by 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10
A.16 Ordinal numbers
A.17 Writing numbers in words
A.18 Roman numerals I, V, X


B.1 Addition with pictures - sums to 10
B.2 Addition sentences - sums to 10
B.3 Addition word problems - sums to 10
B.4 Word problems - write the addition sentence
B.5 Ways to make a number using addition
B.6 Ways to make a number - addition sentences
B.7 Adding zero
B.8 Adding doubles
B.9 Addition facts - sums to 10
B.10 Addition facts - sums to 18
B.11 Addition word problems - sums to 18
B.12 Complete the addition sentence
B.13 Adding three numbers
B.14 Word problems - adding three numbers
B.15 Related addition facts
B.16 Addition facts - sums to 20
B.17 Add tens I
B.18 Add tens II
B.19 Add a one-digit number to a two-digit number - without regrouping
B.20 Add a one-digit number to a two-digit number - with regrouping

Addition - skill builders

C.1 Adding 0
C.2 Adding 1
C.3 Adding 2
C.4 Adding 3
C.5 Adding 4
C.6 Adding 5
C.7 Adding 6
C.8 Adding 7
C.9 Adding 8
C.10 Adding 9


D.1 Subtraction with pictures - numbers up to 10
D.2 Subtraction sentences - numbers up to 10
D.3 Subtraction word problems - one-digit numbers
D.4 Word problems - write the subtraction sentence
D.5 Ways to make a number using subtraction
D.6 Ways to make a number - subtraction sentences
D.7 Ways to subtract from a number - subtraction sentences
D.8 Subtracting zero and all
D.9 Subtracting doubles
D.10 Subtraction facts - numbers up to 10
D.11 Subtraction facts - numbers up to 18
D.12 Subtraction word problems - numbers up to 18
D.13 Complete the subtraction sentence
D.14 Related subtraction facts
D.15 Subtract tens I
D.16 Subtract tens II
D.17 Subtract one-digit numbers from two-digit numbers

Subtraction - skill builders

E.1 Subtracting 0
E.2 Subtracting 1
E.3 Subtracting 2
E.4 Subtracting 3
E.5 Subtracting 4
E.6 Subtracting 5
E.7 Subtracting 6
E.8 Subtracting 7
E.9 Subtracting 8
E.10 Subtracting 9

Mixed operations

F.1 Addition and subtraction - ways to make a number
F.2 Which sign makes the number sentence true?
F.3 Fact families
F.4 Addition and subtraction facts - numbers up to 10
F.5 Addition and subtraction facts - numbers up to 18
F.6 Addition and subtraction word problems
F.7 Ten more or less
F.8 Add and subtract tens
F.9 Addition and subtraction terms

Inglés para niños que van a entrar a kinder

Abre el enlace para practicar los puntos enumerados


Here is a list of all of the skills students learn in pre-K! The skills are organized into categories, and you can move your mouse over any skill name to see a sample question. To start practicing, just click on any link. IXL will track your score, and the questions will even increase in difficulty as you improve!

A.1 Identify circles, squares, and triangles
A.2 Identify squares and rectangles
A.3 Identify cubes and pyramids

Count to 3

B.1 Count dots (up to 3)
B.2 Count shapes (up to 3)
B.3 Count objects (up to 3)
B.4 Represent numbers (up to 3)

Count to 5

C.1 Count dots (up to 5)
C.2 Count shapes (up to 5)
C.3 Count objects (up to 5)
C.4 Represent numbers (up to 5)

Count to 10

D.1 Count dots (up to 10)
D.2 Count shapes (up to 10)
D.3 Count objects (up to 10)
D.4 Represent numbers (up to 10)

Count to 20

E.1 Count dots (up to 20)
E.2 Count shapes (up to 20)
E.3 Count objects (up to 20)
E.4 Represent numbers (up to 20)


F.1 Compare groups (fewer or more)
F.2 Compare in a chart (fewer or more)
F.3 Compare in a mixed group


G.1 Inside and outside
G.2 Left and right
G.3 Left, middle, and right
G.4 Above and below
G.5 Top and bottom


H.1 Same
H.2 Different
H.3 Same and different
H.4 Classify by color


I.1 Long and short
I.2 Tall and short
I.3 Light and heavy
I.4 Holds more or less
I.5 Compare height, weight, and capacity
I.6 Wide and narrow


J.1 Pennies and nickels
J.2 Dimes and quarters
J.3 Pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters
J.4 Count pennies

Ingles para niños de kinder

Abre el enlace para practicar los puntos enumerados


Here is a list of all of the skills students learn in kindergarten! The skills are organized into categories, and you can move your mouse over any skill name to see a sample question. To start practicing, just click on any link. IXL will track your score, and the questions will even increase in difficulty as you improve!
Numbers and counting up to 3

A.1 Count to 3
A.2 Represent numbers - up to 3
A.3 Count by typing - up to 3

Numbers and counting up to 5

B.1 Count to 5
B.2 Represent numbers - up to 5
B.3 Count by typing - up to 5
B.4 Count up
B.5 Count down

Numbers and counting up to 10

C.1 Count to 10
C.2 Represent numbers - up to 10
C.3 Count by typing - up to 10
C.4 Count up and down - with pictures
C.5 Count up and down - with numbers
C.6 Tally marks - up to 10
C.7 Number lines - up to 10
C.8 Before, after, and between - up to 10
C.9 Count forward and backward - up to 10
C.10 Names of numbers - up to 10
C.11 Complete a sequence - up to 10

Numbers and counting up to 20

D.1 Count to 20
D.2 Represent numbers - up to 20
D.3 Count by typing - up to 20
D.4 Count up and down
D.5 Tally marks - up to 20
D.6 Number lines - up to 20
D.7 Before, after, and between - up to 20
D.8 Count forward and backward - up to 20
D.9 Names of numbers - up to 20
D.10 Complete a sequence - up to 20
D.11 Count tens and ones - up to 20

Numbers and counting beyond 20

E.1 Count to 30
E.2 Count to 100
E.3 Count groups of ten
E.4 Number lines - up to 30
E.5 Count tens and ones - up to 30


F.1 Skip-count by twos
F.2 Skip-count by fives
F.3 Skip-count by tens
F.4 Skip-count by twos, fives, and tens


G.1 Fewer, equal, and more
G.2 Fewer and more - comparing groups
G.3 Fewer and more - with charts
G.4 Fewer and more - mixed


H.1 Similar patterns
H.2 Complete missing parts of patterns
H.3 Growing patterns


I.1 Addition with pictures - sums up to 5
I.2 Add two numbers - sums up to 5
I.3 Addition sentences - sums up to 5
I.4 Addition with pictures - sums up to 10
I.5 Add two numbers - sums up to 10
I.6 Addition sentences - sums up to 10


J.1 Subtract with pictures - numbers up to 5
J.2 Subtraction - numbers up to 5
J.3 Subtraction sentences - numbers up to 5
J.4 Subtract with pictures - numbers up to 10
J.5 Subtraction - numbers up to 9
J.6 Subtraction sentences - numbers up to 10


K.1 Inside and outside
K.2 Left, middle, and right
K.3 Top, middle, and bottom
K.4 Above and below
K.5 Location in a three-by-three grid


L.1 Identify halves, thirds, fourths
L.2 Equal parts


M.1 Match clocks and times
M.2 Read clocks and write times
M.3 Times of everyday events
M.4 Match analog and digital clocks
M.5 Seasons
M.6 A.M. and P.M.

Sorting, ordering, and classifying

N.1 Same
N.2 Different
N.3 Same and different
N.4 Classify by color
N.5 Venn diagrams
N.6 Put numbers up to 10 in order
N.7 Put numbers up to 30 in order

Data and graphs

O.1 Making graphs


P.1 More or less likely


Q.1 Long and short
Q.2 Tall and short
Q.3 Light and heavy
Q.4 Holds more or less
Q.5 Compare size, weight, and capacity


R.1 Coin names - penny through quarter
R.2 Coin values - penny through quarter
R.3 Count money - pennies only
R.4 Count money - pennies and nickels
R.5 Count money - pennies, nickels, and dimes
R.6 Equivalent coins I
R.7 Equivalent coins II
R.8 Equivalent coins III
R.9 Compare two groups of coins


S.1 Identify shapes I
S.2 Identify shapes II
S.3 Identify solid figures
S.4 Relate planar and solid figures
S.5 Count sides and corners
S.6 Compare sides and corners
S.7 Geometry of everyday objects
S.8 Symmetry I
S.9 Symmetry II


T.1 Sum and difference

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"Alphabet Song" (Vol.1) http://www.TOONBO.com

Phonics Song 2

Vocabulary: Describing people

Describing People


-who the person is, how you know him/her

Main body

- physical appearance

- character

- hobbies


- thoughts and feelings

Describing PEOPLE

(+) : concerned, considerate, eager, energetic, experienced, famous, friendly, generous, gifted, hard-working, honest, influential, intelligent, obedient, open-handed, open-minded, optimistic, outgoing, patient, polite, popular, reliable, responsible, self-confident, sensitive, sociable, successful, talented, well-known, willing

(-) : dishonest, impatient, impolite, inconsiderate, inexperienced, insensitive, irresponsible, lazy, narrow-minded, ordinary, pessimistic, quick-tempered, self-centered, tight-fisted, unfriendly, unpopular, unreliable, unsuccessful, untalented, unwilling

Use specific adjectives instead of common and abstract ones:

good= thrilling, wonderful, brilliant, amusing, extraordinary

bad= awful, terrible, horrible, frightening, of poor quality

big= huge, enormous, vast, immense

happy= pleased, delighted, thrilled, cheerful, in a good mood, satisfied

nice (people) = pleasant, lovely, great, charming, likeable

nice (experience) = enjoyable, lovely, delightful, unforgettable

boring = dull, monotonous

funny = amusing, humorous, witty, hilarious

clever = intelligent, ingenious

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English Vocabulary - Telling Time

English Vocabulary - Parts of the Body

English Vocabulary - Hotels

English Vocabulary - Airports

Learn English - English School Vocabulary

Future - Will - Going To - Present Continuous - ESL British English Pron...


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Tillys petting farm


alfalfa hay pastura (f.) / heno (m.) de alfalfa (f.)
alfalfa seed semilla (f.) de alfalfa (f.)
barley cebada (f.)
beans, dry edible frijoles (m.), comestible (m.) seco
birdsfoot trefoil seed cuernecillo (m.), semilla (f.)
clover trébol (m.)
clover seed trébol (m.), semilla (f.)
corn for grain maíz (m.) para grano (m.)
dill for oil eneldo (m.) para aceite (m.)
hops lúpulo (m.)
Kentucky bluegrass seed pasto (m.) azul de Kentucky
oats avena (f.)
orchard grass seed pata (f.) de gallo (m.), semilla (f.)
peas, Austrian winter chicharos (m.), austriacos de invierno (m.)
peas, dry field chicharos (m.) secos
peas, wrinkled green seed chicharos (m.)
peppermint for oil menta (f.) para aceite (m.)
peppermint for rootstock menta (f.) para rizoma (f.)
potatoes papas (f.)
radish seed rábano (m.), semilla (f.)
reed canary grass seed alpiste (m.), semilla (f.)
rice, wild arroz (m.) de agua (m.) profunda
rye centeno (m.)
silage, corn ensilaje (m.) de maíz (m.)
silage, hay ensilaje (m.) de paja (f.)
silage, mint ensilaje (m.) de menta (f.)
sorghum sorgo (m.)
soybeans soja (f.)
spearmint for oil hierbabuena (f.) para aceite (m.)
spearmint for rootstock hierbabuena (f.) para rizoma (f.)
straw, grain paja (f.), grano (m.)
straw, grass paja (f.), pasto (m.)
sugar beets for seed remolacha (f.) para semilla (f.)
sugar beets for sugar remolacha (f.) para azúcar (m.)
sunflower oil & seed girasol (m.), aceite (m.) y semilla (f.)
vegetable / flower seeds verdura (f.) / vegetal (m.) / semillas (f.) de flores (f.)
vetch seed, common vicia (f.), semilla (f.), común
wheat trigo (m.)
wheatgrass seed pasto (m.) de trigo (m.), semilla (f.)


academic académico (a)
accountant contador (a)
acrobat acróbata
actor actor (actriz)
adjuster ajustador (a)
administrative assistant asistente administrativo (a)
administrator administrador (a)
adolescent adolecente (a)
agent agente (a)
analyst analista (a)
anesthesiologist anestesiólogo (a)
animator animador (a)
anthropologist antropólogo (a)
appraiser perito
apprentice aprendiz
archeologist arqueólogo (a)
architect arquitecto
archivist archivador (a)
assistant manager gerente asistente
aunt tía (f.)
author autor (a)
aviation engineer ingeniero (a) de aviación
barber peluquero (a)
beginner principiante / aprendiz
biologist biólogo (a)
blacksmith herrero (a)
borer perforador (a)
boss patrón (a)
bricklayer albañil
bridge engineer ingeniero (a) de puentes
brother hermano (m.)
builder constructor (a)
businessman comerciante / negociante
businesswoman comerciante / negociante
butcher carnicero (a)
buyer comprador
carpenter carpintero (a)
carpet installer alfombrista
civil engineer ingeniero (a) civil
client cliente
clown payaso (a)
co-worker (male) compañero (a) del trabajo
cobbler zapatero (a)
coffee maker cafetero (a)
competitor competidor (a)
consumer consumidor (a)
cook cocinero (a)
cousin prima (a)
cowboy vaquero
cowgirl vaquera
crane driver operador de grúa
dairy farmer ranchero (a) productor (a) de leche
dam engineer ingeniero (a) de presas
dancer danzante
dentist dentista
director director (a)
disabled ménoshabil
doctor doctor (a) / médico (a)
draftsman dibujante
driver chofer
drycleaner lavandero (a) en seco / tintorero (a)
dyer tintorero (a)
economist economista
electrical engineer ingeniero (a) de electricidad
electrician electricista
electronics engineer ingeniero (a) de electrónica
emergency medical technician técnico (a) médico de emergencia
enemy enemigo (a)
excavator excavador (a)
expert experto (a)
exporter exportador (a)
farm worker obrero (a) agrícola
farmer granjero (a)
farmer (working the land) labrador (a)
father padre / papá
firefighter bombero
fisherman pescador (a)
flight attendant azafata
foreman capataz / mayordomo
framer carpintero (a)
friend amigo (a)
fruit picker recolector (a) de fruta (f.)
gambler apostante
gamekeeper guardabosque
gardener jardinero (a)
general contractor contratista principal
general manager gerente general
geologist geólogo (a)
glazier vidriero (a)
governor gobernador (a)
grandfather abuelo
grandmother abuela
grocer abarrotero (a)
guide guía
gunsmith armero (a)
hand laborer obrero (a)
hardware dealer ferretero (a)
harvester cosechador (a)
hauler transportista
healer curandero (a) / aliviador (a)
health manager gerente de salud

helper ayudante
hoer arador (a)
hotelier hotelero (a)
hourly worker jornalero (a) (por hora)
hunter cazador (a)
importer importador (a)
independent contractor contratista independiente
instructor instructor (a)
ironworker herrero (a)
jester bromista
jockey jinete
joiner carpintero (a) / ebanista
joker bromista
judge juez
juggler malabarista
jumper saltador (a)
junker desguazador (a)
juror jurado
kicker chutador / pateador
killer asesino (a)
labor contractor contratista
laborer trabajador (a)
lagger rezagado (a)
landholder terrateniente
landlord propietario (a) / dueño (a)
landowner terrateniente / dueño (a)
lapidary lapidario (a)
latecomer rezagado (a)
lathe operator tornero (a)
launcher lanzador (a)
launderer lavandero (a)
law-abiding respetuoso (a) de las leyes
lawbreaker infractor (a) de la ley
lawyer abogado
leader líder / jefe (a) / dirigente
lecturer profesor (a)
legislator legislador (a)
lender prestamista
lessee inquilino (a) / arrendatario (a)
leveler nivelador (a)
liar mentiroso (a)
licensee titular de una licencia (f.)
licensor entidad o persona que concede licencia (f.)
lineman (electrical) instalador (a) de lineas (f.) eléctricas
lineman (railroad) guardavía
linguist lingüista
liquidator liquidador (a) / síndico
lithographer litógrafo (a)
litterbug persona que tira basura (f.) en vías (f.) públicas
loader cargador (a)
lobbyist persona que ejerce presión
locksmith cerrajero (a)
lodger huésped / inquilino (a)
logger leñador (a)
loiterer ocioso (a)
lookout centinela / guardia
looter saqueador (a)
loser perdedor (a)
lumberer leñador (a)
machinist mecánico / maquinista
madam señora
magician mago (a)
man hombre
manager gerente

manicurist manicurista
manipulator manipulador (a)
manufacturer fabricante
map maker cartógrafo
marble cutter marmolista
marker marcador (a)
marketeer comerciante
marksman tirador (a)
mason albañil
master maestro (a)
master builder maestro (a) de obras (f.)
master mason maestro (a) de albañilería
mathematician matemático (a)
measurer medidor
mechanic mecánico
mechanical engineer ingeniero (a) mecánico
meddler entrometido (a)
mediator mediador
medic médico (a) / doctor (a)
member miembro (a)
mentor mentor
mercantilist mercantilista
merchant comerciante / negociante
metallurgist metalúrgico
middleman intermediario (a)
migrant worker trabajador migratorio (a)
militant combatiente
miner minero (a)
mineralogist mineralogista
mining engineer ingeniero de minas (f.)
minister (government) ministro
minister (religion) ministro de la iglesia (f.)
model modelo
mother madre / mamá
musician músico
nuclear engineer ingeniero (a) nuclear
nurse enfermero (a)
officer oficial
operator operador (a)
owner dueño (a)
packer empacador (a)
painter pintor (a)
pharmacist farmacéutico
photographer fotógrafo (a)
picker recolector (a)
pieceworker trabajador (a) por pieza (f.)
pilot piloto
plasterer yesero
player jugador (a)
plumber plomero / fontanero
poet poeta
police policía
postal worker cartero
potter alfarero (a)
president presidente (a)
priest sacerdote (a)
printer impresor
prospector cateador (a)
psychiatrist psiquiatra
psychologist psicólogo (a)
referee árbitro
renter inquilino (a)
retailer menudista
road engineer ingeniero (a) de caminos (m.)
roofer techador (a)

safety manager gerente de seguridad (f.)
sailor marinero (a)
salaried asalariado (a)
sales manager gerente de ventas (f.)
sawyer aserrador
scientist científico (a)
secretary secretario (a)
seller vendedor (a)
service manager gerente de ventas (f.)
sharpener afilador
shopkeeper tendero (a) / vendedor (a)
sir señor
sister hermana
soldier soldado
stockholder accionista
stone mason cantero
stonecutter picapedrero
street seller vendedor (a) ambulante
structural engineer ingeniero (a) de estructuras (f.)
student estudiante
subcontractor subcontratista
supervisor supervisor (a)
supplier abastecedor (a)
tailor sastre
teacher maestro (a)
thief ratero (a)
translator traductor (a)
uncle tío
vice-president vice presidente
waiter mesero (a)
warehouser almacenista
welder soldador (a)
wholesaler mayorista
winner ganador (a)
woman mujer
wood dealer maderero
worker trabajador (a)
writer escritor (a)


clear despejado
cloudy nublado
dry seco
freezing congelando
freezing rain lluvia (f.) congelada
frozen congelado
hail granizo (m.)
hailing granizando
heat calor (m.)
hot caliente
hurricane huracán (m.)
ice hielo (m.)
iced enhielado
lighting relámpago (m.)
partly cloudy nubes (f.) despejadas
rain lluvia (f.)
rain storm aguacero
rainy lluvioso
slip resbalar
slippery resbaloso
snow nieve (f.)
snowing nevando
storm tormenta (f.)
sun sol (m.)
sunny soleado
thunder trueno (m.)
tornado torbellino (m.)
wet mojado


0:15 (fifteen) 0:15 (quince)
0:30 (thirty) 0:30 (treinta)
0:45 (forty-five) 0:45 (cuarenta y cinco)
4:45 PM 4:45 PM
7:00 AM 7:00 AM
afternoon tarde (f.)
at daybreak en la madrugada (f.)
at night en la noche (f.)
be here at six fifteen in the morning esté aquí a las seis y quince de la mañana
be there at three in the afternoon esté allá a las tres de la tarde
dawn amanecer (m.)
eight o´clock in the morning a las ocho de la mañana
four forty-five in the afternoon a las cuatro y cuarenta y cinco de la tarde
in the afternoon en la tarde (f.)
in the morning en la mañana (f.)
midnight medianoche (f.)
morning mañana (f.)
night noche (f.)
noon mediodía (m.)
sunset puesta (f.) del sol (m.)
ten thirty at night diez y media de la noche


change room vestuario (m.)
check for holes in the gloves busque agujeros en los guantes
check that the container is closed asegúrese que este cerrado el recipiente
check that the guard is on asegúrese que este puesto el protector
check the brakes asegúrese que sirvan los frenos
check the windshield wipers asegúrese que sirvan los limpiabrisas
do it like this hágalo así
get down bájese
get someone to help you consiga a alguien que le ayude
go siga
I need training necesito adiestramiento
job analysis análisis del trabajo
job hazard analysis análisis de los riesgos del trabajo
locker room vestuario (m.)
look for hazards busque peligros
put on your ______ (gloves, hardhat, ear plugs etc.) pongase sus ______ (guantes, casco, tapones de oídos, etc.)
show me how this is operated enséñeme como usa esto
stop alto
tell me how this is operated dígame como se usa esto
this is dangerous esto es peligroso
this is hazardous esto es riesgoso
this is not safe esto no es seguro
this is not the right procedure esto no es la manera correcta
this is the company´s safety policy esta es la política de seguridad de la compañía
this is too bulky to carry alone esto es demasiado bultoso para cargarlo solo
this is too heavy to carry alone esto es demasiado pesado para cargarlo solo
tie it off amárrelo
tie yourself off amárrese
time clock reloj (m.) registrador
wash your hands before using the rest room lávese las manos antes de usar el baño
wash your family´s clothes separately from your work clothes lave la ropa de la familia separado de la ropa de trabajo
we can prevent accidents podemos prevenir accidentes
we have training at _____ (8:30 AM, 2:00 PM, etc.) tenemos adiestramiento a las ______(8:30 AM, 2:00 PM)
we have training today tenemos adiestramiento hoy
we have training tomorrow tenemos adiestramiento mañana
we need to follow the procedure necesitamos seguir la manera
we need to train you necesitamos adiestrarlo