lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Vocabulary: Describing people

Describing People


-who the person is, how you know him/her

Main body

- physical appearance

- character

- hobbies


- thoughts and feelings

Describing PEOPLE

(+) : concerned, considerate, eager, energetic, experienced, famous, friendly, generous, gifted, hard-working, honest, influential, intelligent, obedient, open-handed, open-minded, optimistic, outgoing, patient, polite, popular, reliable, responsible, self-confident, sensitive, sociable, successful, talented, well-known, willing

(-) : dishonest, impatient, impolite, inconsiderate, inexperienced, insensitive, irresponsible, lazy, narrow-minded, ordinary, pessimistic, quick-tempered, self-centered, tight-fisted, unfriendly, unpopular, unreliable, unsuccessful, untalented, unwilling

Use specific adjectives instead of common and abstract ones:

good= thrilling, wonderful, brilliant, amusing, extraordinary

bad= awful, terrible, horrible, frightening, of poor quality

big= huge, enormous, vast, immense

happy= pleased, delighted, thrilled, cheerful, in a good mood, satisfied

nice (people) = pleasant, lovely, great, charming, likeable

nice (experience) = enjoyable, lovely, delightful, unforgettable

boring = dull, monotonous

funny = amusing, humorous, witty, hilarious

clever = intelligent, ingenious

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